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Lifeforce Cancer Support Services' Guests

I found Ross taylor's book a Lifeline! I was so confused and shattered. Then a friend gave me Mr Taylor's book. Then I called him and he actually called me back- as his cost! Amazing.
Living Simply with Cancer is an absolutely critical book for anyone to read.
Alan Giles, Wed Mar 28 04:28:15 2012

After spending the past eight years living with cancer, Ross, I have read your books and found that they have answers to most of my questions regarding living with cancer. Steve and I appreciated the opportunity to meet you and your lovely wife Kathryn. I came away from your home totally inspired having met a man so dedicated to helping other people. Steve would like to express thanks to Kathryn for the opportunity to talk to another carer.
Wendy Howl, Perth, Mon Mar 7 20:08:00 2011

I saw Ross on the ABC recently and having had cancer myself I visited his website straight after wards. I purchased two books and by the time I had read half of one of them I decided I wanted to meet Ross. A couple of e mails latter, lunch was organised, and this remarkably generous man gave me two hours of his time and even wanted to pay for lunch!
Ross's experience and depth of knowledge on helping one's self to avoid or overcome serious illness is a message everyone needs to hear. I can't thank you enough, Ross.
Graham McGregor, Cottesloe, WA, 0418916243, Tue Mar 1 02:25:01 2011

Thanks for your book Ross. My wife and I found it inspiring and provided us with real and constructive options for us to consider. Judy and I are BOTH on juice and also are looking how we can not only provide nutrition for the body but also as you said... "provide nutrition for the soul"! Congratulations on your wonderful charity work and for touching the lives of so many people.
Rob Johnson, Tue Jan 19 09:44:36 2010

Hi Ross,
I will pass it on, I also wanted to say thank you for everything you and your family are doing to support others in needs. Putting others before ourselves is something that the western world has forgotten to do. I commend you on you work and pray you will be blessed in everything you do.
Todd Shone, Director - State Security & Protective Services (Aust) Pty Ltd, www.statesecurity.com.au, Thu Feb 12 20:24:00 2009

When I read Ross Taylor's 'Living Simply with Cancer" all my fears went away. Finally I found someone who let me say... Yes. That IS exactly how I feel. With simple strategies that empower you, this book is like a wonderful guiding light at a time of grewat stress and sadness. Thank you Mr Taylor for touching our life and those of so many others.
You should be given an OAM!!!
Lisa Richardson, Fri Feb 6 12:25:57 2009

Thank you for your inspirational book that you persoanally delivered to me in Dubai this week. Much appreciated thanks Ross and I now have the task of convincing my husband that he CAN take control of this journey he faces and live well with cancer. Keep up the good work and give my best wishes to Katherine. She must be a very special person.
Fran Logan, Sun Apr 27 21:26:17 2008

Living with cancer in Indonesia is not easy! Mr Ross Taylor has really helped me and his book "Living Simply with Cancer" was such a good help to me and my wife. I recommend this book to anyone who has cancer AND to everyone who doesn't WANT to get it!
Lindsay Tay, Tue Jul 24 09:34:06 2007

Thank you Mr Taylor for your wonderful book. The fact that you sent us your book BEFORE we even sent the money says something about you and your partner Mrs Taylor.
God bless you both for the special work you do with people around the world who are touched by cancer.
Albert Lim, Singapore, Mon Apr 17 14:48:53 2006

Thank you Pak Ross for your help to my wife with cancer. We juice every day and try to live better with cancer.
Agus Majda, Jakarta, Tue Dec 27 14:11:57 2005

Just loved your book, Creating Health... Yourself, as it has given me the tools and options to loose weight, eat well and still enjoy the company of my friends at dinner!
Your book is easy to read, sensible and gives the reader great strategies for restoring good health. Heck, as we get older I certainly don't want to be ill all the time... and your book shows how I can STAY well and love life! Thanks.
Helen Henderson, Adelaide, South Australia

Dear Pak Taylor. Thank you for your help while in Indonesia this week. Your information and advice has been so helpful for me and my wife. Cancer is very big in Indonesia and we often don't know what to do. But you help us to know we can help and do things good for us. God bless you and Ibu Katherine.
Agus Harianto, Jakarta, Indonesia, Mon Aug 15 11:03:55 2005

I have been diagnosed with breast cancer two months ago and have found your book, Living Simply with Cancer a truly wonderful gift. I keep the book beside my bed and everynight read parts of it and find myself having the strength to live well with cancer. Thank you Mr Taylor
Lillian Roberts, Floreat, Western Australia, Wed Jun 15 05:41:16 2005

I have just read your new edition of Creating Health... Yourself, and I loved it. My brothers and parents are now wanting to learn how they also CAN eat well without being miserable.
It's easy to read and honest. Very different from the junk we normally read. I would recommend this book to everyone!
Jonathan Rogers, Coolangatta, Queensland. Australia, Sun May 15 11:28:56 2005

I have read the book "Creating Health... Yourself" and also "Living Simply with Cancer". So easy to read with sensible strategies. It has also helped my family to come to terms with me having breast cancer and now we can even talk about it openly.
Thank you for touching the lives of my whole family.
Janice YAM, Singapore, Thu Apr 21 09:45:08 2005

Dear Mr. Taylor,
Thank you for sending me a copy of your book. You and Mrs. Taylor do such good work for people with cancer. I wish you would visit us here?
I would like more information on juicing as you said in your book that this is very important.
My mother is now reading your other book, "Creating Health... Yourself" and we have been amazed what we have been doing to our bodies!
Thank you again for your kindness.
Katrina Houghton, New York NY USA, Wed Apr 20 05:21:38 2005

Ross and Katherine,
I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the many kindnesses, time, advice, support, and Reikki that you gave my stepfather, Roger when his health was declining as a result of advanced mestatic lung cancer and his 3rd bout of radiotherapy.
Lee Grinham, 08 9381 7363 47 Nicholson Road, Shenton Park. 6008., Fri Apr 15 13:47:02 2005

Can you tell me if your book is available in bookshops in Harare, Zimbabwe? I am an expat living here and have been told Mr. Taylor has presented talks here?
Brian Rodford, Apr 12 2005

I have just read your book here in Jakarta, Indonesia. It has saved my life. I was about to give up after being diagnosed with breast cancer two months ago. Now I CAN do something and I CAN take control.
Your book was so easy to read and very helpful... and in Bahasa Indonesia juga!
God bless you and Ibu Katherine!!!
jenny W.,

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